Chloe Orli’s Success Story

Chloe Orli’s Success Story

Chloe is very much a Florida girl.  She loves riding in the golf cart, swimming in the pool and best of all going to the beach.  Through the help of GRRMF she has found the perfect match in her family, who love nothing more than indulging her in her favorite activities.  She is quite vocal in letting her family know what she wants.

After not having a golden for a while, Chloe’s family couldn’t wait to welcome her into their family. They immediately found that she loves people and other dogs. Mom says Chloe likes “to spin when she’s excited, is very smart and learns tricks easily.

” Besides her love for swimming, she enjoys all of her toys.  “She wants us to throw them to her and she jumps to catch them but drops them immediately when she sees another one coming.  It’s an assembly line of air catches.” Another game Chloe likes to play is taking any of her mom’s girly things such as lip balm, scarves and hand cream. After she takes the items, she plays keep away with them.

With her new feeling of security, Chloe has entrusted her heart to her forever family.


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