Chloe Mille’s Success Story

Chloe Mille’s Success Story

Setting her adoptive home a-light with her enviable puppy energy, Chloe quickly laid claim to the his new family’s hearts and hasn’t let go.

After being without a dog for eight months, their empty house became a home once more, highlighted by the young Golden’s sweetness and sassiness, high spirits and smarts.

“It’s all about Chloe,” admits Kim. “We laugh at her constantly because she’s such a mischievous 19-month-old miss. Possessing cute traits too numerous to count, my favorite is when she runs up behind us, darts directly through our legs, then looks up at us. I don’t know how we haven’t tripped!”

Then there’s her obsession with my husband’s socks – worn or freshly washed. She’ll pull them out of his shoes or out of the laundry basket, ‘sneak’ out to the living room with them in her mouth, and wait for us to notice. Then she chases around the kitchen and dining room with her daddy. She won’t do it with me because she has more fun with him. Why? He makes silly noises when he’s chasing her.

“Despite weighing 70 pounds, Chloe loves to cuddle, and she’s constantly sleeping in my lap. She also loves going on walks, riding in the car and coming with me every morning to get my coffee. At her age, everything’s a toy, and although she adores her squeaky pool toys, she shreds the fluffy ones, and so we give her Nylabones instead.”

Like most Goldens, Chloe was a born “water baby.” Fortunately, she’s been to the beach several times and LOVES the ocean. Although frightened when the waves crashed around her for the first time, this happy girl who’s happy all the time, quickly realized how much FUN they were.


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