Legacy Dog – Bogart’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Bogart’s Success Story

From 2012

Nine-year-old Bogart, whose name was affectionately changed to Bo by his adoring family, was their sixth Golden when they adopted him in 2012. His sadness was palpable, that famous, joyful Golden spirit sadly subdued, but with tender encouragement and gentleness on the part of Bob and his wife, his Goldie sparkle soon resurfaced – and Bo shone!


Fond of fetching one of Bob’s shoes, he would carry it proudly all over the place. If anyone mentioned or even muttered the words Huey MaGoo’s chicken, he was there in a flash. At first, he only wanted to walk right by his parents’ sides, but he was soon enjoying what Bob fondly called those typical Goldie “sniff and diddle” walks.


Riding in the van was one of his special delights, and as his health waned, his family would often put him in the van and drive around the neighborhood. He had his own place in the center of the van where the middle seat had been removed to make room for his padded bed and blanket.


Although Bo crossed over the Bridge in 2017, his bed remains in the van. And all six of the family’s beloved Goldies live on forever in their hearts.


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