Kinko Donner’s Success Story

Kinko Donner’s Success Story

Kinko Donner, now Lennon’s previous family dynamics changed, he was lucky to find his new family who had waited a year to adopt from GRRMF. When Sheree met Lennon, she knew he was the right dog for her family. Even though Lennon was a bit nervous to leave his foster home, Sheree says he was well-behaved on the car ride and was warmly welcomed by his new siblings, two small dogs. 

Lennon has definitely brought more energy into the house.  He loves to accompany Sheree on jogs, is quite playful, and knows plenty of tricks that he is not shy to show off. One trick he loves to perform is shaking his paw for just about everything, and he is so cute doing it that he usually gets what he asks for. Playing fetch in his big backyard is another activity that Lennon loves; he will chase his ball over and over as long as someone will throw it. Going to the park and the beach, as well as riding on the boat, are just a few of Lennon’s other outdoor activities. In fact, riding in the boat might be Lennon’s favorite. Sheree says he will sit on the boat even when they are not taking it out, but when they do, he will sit for thirty minutes or so while they are prepping and packing. Once he gets out on the water, lucky boaters might just see “Captain Lenny” sunbathing and relaxing in his very own lounge chair.

Once they are home from a busy day of play, Lennon grabs his stuffed zebra and is ready to cuddle. Sheree calls him her “80 pound baby” and says, “He will be the big spoon or baby spoon, doesn’t matter—he just loves to snuggle! He always finds a way to get his head in my lap.” Like other Florida Goldens, Lennon does have allergies but has been doing well taking vitamins and medication to manage flare-ups. Perhaps unlike other Goldens and dogs in general, however, Lennon enjoys having his teeth brushed. Sheree says he likes the toothpaste and will sit on the bathroom mat each night waiting for his brushing. The vet always compliments him on his nice, white teeth.

With his big brown eyes and lovable nature, Lennon has truly managed to win hearts, and Sheree and her family cannot imagine life without him.



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