Happy Auburn’s Success Story

Happy Auburn’s Success Story

When Kimberly adopted Happy Auburn, she simply dropped the “Auburn” and left the “Happy,” since it fit Happy’s demeanor perfectly. Kimberly and her family had fostered Happy while she recovered from surgery (part mastectomy and spay), so they were thrilled to provide Happy with her permanent home after the previous owners could no longer afford to care for her. Happy has a fur sibling, Rocko, a miniature pinscher, and a five-year-old human sibling.  Since gentleness is a must with her small fur brother and sister, Happy fits perfectly in her new home; she is also quite motherly with her human sister and loves to snuggle with anyone, anytime. Extremely playful, Happy will roll around on her back and play with Rocko; when Rocko runs underneath Happy, she does not understand where he has gone! When she is tired of looking for Rocko, Happy likes to sleep on the bed once in a while as a special treat and will also plop down on any available lap.

Happy has not been on many trips, but she loves to visit with the neighbors and occasionally has brunch at a dog-friendly restaurant, hoping to get a few bites of something delicious.  Kimberly and Happy are working with New Dawn Behavior to help Happy with leash reactivity when she is on walks and runs into other dogs. Happy is also working to become certified through Project Pup so that she may visit with children who are learning to read; Happy will eventually lie down and help relax the children while they read.

Besides being a bit mischievous (she once got into a pack of crayons, which made for a colorful you know what afterwards), Happy is just a happy, silly dog who has added warmth and love to her furever home.


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