Lucky Jose Success Story

Lucky Jose Success Story

“Our life revolves around Lucky,” reports LouAnn and Roy, who is also fondly referred to as Bubba or Brutus because he’s so big. His days are filled with several walks, chasing lizards, and seeking us out for lots of love and affection. We have learned to keep the pantry door closed as he will “help himself” and counters are pretty much eye-level for our boy. Being very outgoing and gentle, he looks forward to visiting with the neighborhood children, going on playdates and had a blast at the 2016 GRRMF Reunion. Lucky is very affectionate and enjoys being a couch potato with us for lots of snuggle time. He loves to carry his “baby”, a Golden Retriever stuffed toy, around inside the house as well as outside. Lucky is a collector – 3290luckyjosegathering all his toys and stuffed USF football items and putting them in one area.

Lucky keeps us laughing with his silly and goofy antics. Overhearing one of his family member’s voice on the telephone, he ran toward the bedroom looking for them. Whoever is the last person to leave the house can expect to find one of their personal items misplaced when arriving home. He has been known to take a coat off a hanger, church dress out of a closet, and your favorite pillow or blanket off your bed. He can also be inquisitive at times and let his curiosity override his better judgement. Loving sticks, he climbed onto a chair to get on top of the dining room table to reach the grapevine wreath made of so many chewy ones.

We love Lucky so much and are so grateful to GRRMF for allowing us to adopt him. He has brought a lot of joy to our life and anyone that meets him is so impressed with how gentle and sweet he is!!”



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