Precious Scarlett’s Success Story

Precious Scarlett’s Success Story

Precious was lucky enough to be adopted by her foster parents David and Lea after being rescued from a puppy mill.  She has overcome many fears and is building trust with her forever family

Her family believes that Precious’ most endearing traits are that she is very loving, gentle, and smart – a true Golden through and through! Precious’ Dad, David, expanded on that by saying, “When adopting an older dog who has been used (puppy mill), abused and neglected, you just never know how the dog will adjust.  She has surprised us with how those sweet traits have come through.”

One of Precious’ favorite things to do is to hunt for her ball that her parents hide in challenging places.  Precious came to the family with a fear of hallways and small spaces, but through these games of finding the ball she has been able to conquer those fears.  Precious also loves her tennis balls and is able to throw one and catches it herself. Not to mention, this girl loves going for walks and meeting other people along the way.  Just say the magic words, “Let’s go for a walk” and she will perk right up!

As for Precious’ overall progress since finding her forever home, she is doing wonderfully.  She has managed to overcome her separation anxiety and the only thing that seems to still worry her is the occasional thunderstorm.  As if she wasn’t sweet enough, Precious breaks the “cute meter” with the way she refuses to give her dad kisses. “When I ask for a kiss she shakes her head from side to side as if to say “no”, said David.  This sweet girl has accomplished so much despite her past.  Specifically, Precious knows all of her basic commands, such as come, stay, bed, nap, etc.  She sits and waits until she is given permission to eat, and she even shakes hands!  Precious greets each guest as they come in the house, and she walks them out to their car when it’s time to go.

The bond that Precious and her family have created is beyond special. “We are so happy we have this sweet girl and proud of the confidence she has gained.  When she came to us she was so shy and afraid, but now she has become so trusting and happy,” said David.  “She wasn’t able to look us in the eyes but that has changed as well and she even smiles.”

Precious got her fairy tale ending- another GRRMF “happy tail”!


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