Maggie Marsha’s Success Story

Maggie Marsha’s Success Story

Maggie brought her special golden magic with her when she was adopted, adding merriment to a house that has been rocking with laughter ever since.

Her parents were elated at the thought of bringing home a new family member and a playmate for their golden Nayla who was then a sedate 9-year-old. But Maggie, with her puppylike pep, instantly re-energized her older sister by constantly demanding that she play with her.

She also keeps her parents on their toes. Not only does she wake up a 6 AM seven days a week, she insists on going out and then, on being fed. Needless to say that since her dad’s retirement, he isn’t used to getting up that early. Happiest in the company of her parents, she thrives on their constant attention, and faithfully follows them through the house. But Maggie being Maggie always manages to lift their spirits by nudging and pawing them to be petted. Famous for her friendliness, she gets along very well with her parents’ four young grandchildren whenever they visit.

Especially fond of a large ball that she carries with her, she loves running zoomies around the large, fenced-in backyard and running circles around the pool when her parents are in it. And although she adamantly refuses to enter the pool herself, she enjoys chasing the stream of water from the squirt gun her parents playfully use to squirt at her.

Because she gets car sick, her parents haven’t taken her on any trips, and when she was first adopted, she barked incessantly, a habit which took time to break before luckily being resolved. Despite having passed both Level I and Level II obedience training, ever-mischievous Maggie does very well until visitors come to the house and she greets them by joyfully jumping on them.

Since she sees herself as a 65-pound lap dog, her parents must pay close attention to her or else she will pounce. Once, when her mom was sitting in her recliner, drinking coffee and reading, Maggie came flying around the corner, jumped into her lap and sent the coffee and book flying!


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