Legacy Story – Tristan’s Success Story

Legacy Story – Tristan’s Success Story

From 2009

We received a call on Christmas Eve asking us if we could foster a dog for two weeks over the holiday season because the adopting family wasn’t quite ready! Well of course we could! We had no idea that when this Christmas package was delivered by his transporter, that he would be the most beautiful golden we had ever seen. And we mean ever!

When he rolled out of the backseat of the car, fluff, fluff and more fluff was all we could see and two tender little eyes. This handsome lad was given up by a breeder who had no use for him because he was six years old.

He was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside and the most lovable huggable dog we could ever have hoped for! But wait, we realized we were the foster family and not the adopting family. However we did hope beyond hope that someday this beautiful creature might just be ours! We called on a daily basis checking to see if it was at all possible for us to adopt this perfect creature. Back in those days there was not a long list of families waiting. However we were told that this dog had been promised to another family and they would pick him up after the new year. Of course we still hoped but recognized that this family absolutely deserved him and this is why we were fosters!

On New Year’s Eve, we received a call from Marcia which we were expecting was to be the information on the foster family and what time they would be picking him up. She had some very stunning news for us. It turns out that the family who wanted to adopt this dear boy could no longer take him due to unforeseen financial issues. The reason she was calling was to inquire as to whether or not we would like to adopt this boy as there was no one waiting for him. We were over the moon to know that this boy was truly going to be ours. His two cream colored golden retriever brothers did cartwheels and admittedly so did we!

Tristan was selected by the president of Thundershirt Company to star in their first television infomercial. He is a testament to the fact that it worked because his fear of thunder and lightning were overwhelming and the Thundershirt amazingly calmed those fears. Of course he ended up with several of these shirts in every color and monogrammed with his name.

Of course you know the happy ending, our Tristan was the best Christmas present ever and we will always be grateful for that fabulous phone call letting us know that this boy was ours to have and to hold for always!

        Tristan, with brothers, Maverick, Barcardi and Hayden


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