Abby Madeira’s Success Story

Abby Madeira’s Success Story

Sue and Alan were thrilled to welcome Abby into their home after Abby’s previous owner could no longer care for her.  Abby was just a young puppy and not yet housebroken, so she kept her new furever family on their toes for the first few weeks.   Abby quickly settled in, though, which meant she had to be a little sister to ten-year-old Chase, who is also a Golden.   Sue noticed that Abby wanted to be the alpha in the house, and after a little while, Chase happily let her adopt that role.

Evenings are puppy play time for Abby and family, since Sue and Alan work during the day.  Most of the time, Abby sticks close to Chase when they are playing, except when they are outside; Abby loves to take off and chase squirrels, anoles, and any other critters whose scents catch her attention.  Chewing on sticks is another fun activity; in fact, after a storm, Abby will often carry large branches across the yard as she heads to the patio.  Chasing tennis balls, chewing on Nyla bones, and going on long walks with Alan round out Abby’s list of favorite things. After she tires out in the evening, Abby can be found curled up in Sue’s lap, just looking for a little petting.


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