Einstein Owen’s Success Story

Einstein Owen’s Success Story

From foster to forever, what could rival that? Perhaps the many endearing nicknames – including Easter, E Boy, E Baby and E – given to Easton, formerly Einstein, by his adoring adoptive family.

“From the moment I started fostering him, I was taken with him,” says Taylor. “Despite being initially timid and shy, he was so sweet and lighthearted by nature that during the month he lived with us, I fell more and more in love with him.

“Having been on the adoption list we were able to adopt him the day before Thanksgiving and brought him with us when we visited our families in Orlando to celebrate the holiday. We had wanted another Golden Retriever for so long, and the timing was finally right: we were just waiting for Easton. He made our own small family complete.

“My husband and I were married on December 1, 2018 which is Easton’s birthday. What are the odds? And since we adopted him three days before his first birthday and our first anniversary, we celebrated our anniversary, his adoption and his birthday on December 1, 2019 with a boat day and brunch.”

Not only did Easton gain a human family he gained a 9-year-old Lab/Golden brother named Dakota, and they’re now figuratively joined at the hip. Taylor admits that she never saw Dakota take so quickly and so well to another dog.

“They cuddle and play, and the interaction between them is just really fun and sweet to be around. We also love the extra energy and entertainment Easton brings. We’ve never taken so many walks before! Evening walks around the lake are a tradition and activity we look forward to as a family, and he seems to be both amazed and content with everything we do as long as we’re together. He especially enjoys our weekend boat trips where he soaks up the fresh air and sun, runs along the sandbar, races his brother through the water after a ball, and spends as much time as possible swimming.”

In spite of his size, affectionate Easton thinks he’s a lap dog, fitting into any and all spaces on sofas and chairs to be close to his people. The more he snuggles and cuddles with them, the more loved they feel. A great fan of TV, he can sit, entranced, for hours by the changing images on the screen. Then there’s his goofy side when he lies on his back with his legs in the air, partly looking for belly rubs, partly showing how happy he is.

An excellent eater with an eclectic taste in food, Easton LOVES his Kong stuffed with peanut butter and banana, and can’t get enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Nor can he get enough toys in his mouth! Seldom satisfied with playing with just one, he’s famous for carrying around several at a time, then bringing them over to whomever’s nearby.

“He has a large plush volcano that came with six small dinosaurs. I considered it a puzzle toy, thinking it would challenge his mind. Instead, he shakes out the dinosaurs, carries them around three at a time and uses the volcano as a pillow. He also enjoys stealing Nylabones and plushy toys from his brother.

“Being so bright and well behaved, Easton recently attended basic obedience classes and passed with flying colors. And because he’s particularly drawn to older people, once he matures more, we may try ‘our paws’ at the Hearts of Gold Therapy program.”


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