Gordon Jaspar’s Success Story

Gordon Jaspar’s Success Story

When Kathleen picked up Gordon from his foster family, she did not expect him to be so calm.  Maybe because of his easy-going nature, Gordon knew right away that he was loved, so he lay down quietly in the back seat as they headed to his new home.  Kathleen says that Gordon “trusted his new mother from day one, always choosing to be wherever she was.”  Warming up to his dad and his canine sister, Eva, however, took just a bit more time.  Today, Gordon “loves to play-wrestle with Eva and hang out on the couch with dad.”

Gordon joins in with the family on many occasions.  For example, he loves to “talk” and “sing” along with the family.  All anyone has to do is start singing, and Gordon will join right in.  Greeting people at the door is another of Gordon’s specialties.  At first, he would always bark, but has now decided that choosing just the right squeaky toy is a much more effective way to welcome friends and family.  Perhaps Gordon’s favorite activity, however, is walks with his family around the neighborhood.  When it’s that time, he will head over to his leash to get the walk party started.  Kathleen says he “loves to say hello to any neighbors we meet along the way and is perfectly calm when the neighborhood kids ask to pet him.”  Gordon gets regular compliments on how soft and friendly he is.

Maybe that initial relaxing ride home with Kathleen was an indicator that Gordon would love car rides, and Kathleen confirms that he sure does: “If Gordon sees an open car door, he will jump right in.  Gordon went on a road trip to Maine over the summer. He had a great time visiting the cabin on the lake and exploring the lighthouses and all the nature parks. He behaved like a perfect gentleman the whole ride there and back.”

Gordon also has fun doing silly things around the house.  One day while Kathleen was in the shower, he cleverly opened the sliding door to the bathroom and stuck his nose in the shower—just saying hello to Mom!  Overall, he has fit in perfectly with the family.  Kathleen admits that they “were worried for the first month or so that he and Eva might not end up getting along, but he has really warmed up to her.”  Gordon’s most endearing trait might just be that he is a “cuddle bug” and waits for any invitation to curl up with his family on the couch or the bed.



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