Irish Astor’s Success Story

Irish Astor’s Success Story

“Rescued Me”

It was love at first sight as this big bundle of fluff and love tumbled out to meet his family. Irish Astor now Buddy the Budman wears a cape of love, as he is a real hero to his mom and dad, because he rescued them in their time of need.

Buddy arrived with a history of struggling with seizures. His new family had experience with seizures and new dad Howard stood by this boy and embraced him through all of his medical issues.  The seizures are now fewer and farther between and well managed by his dad. Buddy rewarded his dad and stood by him as one of their family members struggled with serious health issues.

“My boy is the best dog and so much more than I ever imagined. Loving, smart, handsome, perfect manners, very sociable – just a real treasure.

He came into my life at a time when one of our family members was having extremely difficult health issues.  Buddy is my rock.  He looks directly into my eyes as if to say “I’m here for you Dad”.  I cannot even imagine life any other way, but with him by my side. We do everything together. Our house was not complete until this beautiful GRRMF boy arrived – we are so grateful to have him.”

Each morning they get up at 6am and go out to the tennis courts to let Buddy just be a dog – rocking and rolling on the courts until the sun comes up and then they head for home. Howard advises that his boy loves to ride in “his” SUV – the back seats go down and Buddy is ‘all in’ – his head on the center console and off they go together to run errands.  One of his favorite stops is the vet, because everyone fusses over him!  He is gorgeous and polite – not to mention super soft and huggable.

Clearly this dynamic duo are both the centers of each other’s world.  Way to go guys, hang on to each other and consider yourselves “Rescued”!



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