Panda Jimbo’s Success Story

Panda Jimbo’s Success Story

Panda was a 9-month-old puppy in June 2020 when he padded confidently across the threshold into Janet and Jeff’s home and promptly put a lock on their love.

“He’s a true blessing,” says Janet, “sweet and expressive, affectionate and energetic. At first, we considered changing his name until we caught him chewing our bamboo rug. So not only did Panda keep his name he quickly became the neighborhood mascot. Everyone he meets loves him, and he loves everyone in return.”

Percolating with puppy-like energy, Panda enjoys playing “keep away” and rousing games of fetch. He’s also passionate about stitch-ripping soft toys and leaving his parents with mounds of stuffing to clean up.

Another of his passions is frolicking about with his 6-year-old Golden sister, playing “bitey face” for hours and staying close to her – as much and as often as possible. In fact, every morning begins with the same ritual: chasing lizards and then chasing his sister.

By contrast, his other, smaller, Golden sister delights in teasing him, and although she instigates it, he’s extremely gentle with her.

“We’re so grateful to GRRMF,” concludes Janet, “for trusting us with such a perennially happy and easygoing pup as Panda.”


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