Sienna Meg’s Success Story

Sienna Meg’s Success Story

Sally and John welcomed Sienna Meg into their home after Sienna’s previous owner had financial difficulties and was having to spend several hours away from home each day. Insecure at first, Sienna has become more confident and trusting. Her favorite activity is swimming, whether at the ocean or in her backyard pool. Sally says that Sienna will swim around the perimeter of the pool, stop and rest on the sun shelf, and then repeat the same swim pattern. She also bites at the water and often yelps with joy that she is in the water! Besides yelling with joy in the pool, Sienna uses her voice to communicate in other ways. Sally will ask Sienna to “sing to her” so that she can hear her lovely voice.

Sienna and her fur brother Bourbon took a winter trip this past December to Asheville, NC. Sally is not sure which Sienna loved more about staying in the ocean-side dog-friendly hotel—the waves outside their room or the room service. Sienna seemed amazed that some guy would just roll food into their room on a cart.

With a beautiful red coat, Sienna has won the hearts of Sally and John. They love her outgoing spirit and are thrilled that she has settled in and now feels secure with her new family.


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