Prissy’s Success Story

Prissy’s Success Story

Prissy Scarlett, now called Scarlet O’Hair – you’ve got to love the new name – is living high on the hog in her new forever home. Today, Scarlet calls green pastures and wide open spaces home, living on a small farm. Her new family says she’s extremely curious, exploring the sights and smells of farm life. She enjoys hanging out with her new golden retriever sister, Candy, and her older brother Roman, a quarter horse. Scarlet looks to Candy for guidance on house rules and boundaries. Candy has taught Scarlet how to do somersaults by running, flopping over, and then laying on the ground feet high in the air waiting for a good belly scratch!

A true golden, Scarlet likes to retrieve things, and not only her toys! Pillows seem to be a favorite with her. She pilfers them from around the house, piling them up in the living room, where she proceeds to flop on them and eventually shred them. Her other favorite toy is a collection of plush squeaker lambs which she treats like her babies. They go everywhere with her inside and out. Her family thinks it’s great fun to watch her corral them.

Scarlet wants to be where the action is; she’s always near her new family and has no hesitation informing them when she needs some love, play time or it’s time for bed.

Trained and certified as a therapy dog with Therapy Pets Unlimited, Scarlet visits a local nursing home once a month. The residents know her by name and look forward to seeing her.

Her new family says, “She gives more love to us I think than we give back. We have an inside joke that all any golden wants for Christmas is a ‘mean bone’  so they can say they have a ‘mean bone in their body.’ Fortunately for Scarlet and us, I am glad to say that Scarlet does not have and will not ever have a mean bone in her body.”


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