Charity Darcy’s Success Story

Charity Darcy’s Success Story

Charity, a sweet and spirited senior, changed her adoptive mom’s world and still charms her with her warm, winning ways.

Queen of the house and adored by her mom, Charity’s loving eyes make saying “no” to her next to impossible! Highly intelligent and more than capable of communicating her feelings about things great and small, she shares her mom’s bed at night, loves her to the moon and back, and because she’s so fond of people, easily shows that affection to everyone she meets.

She also loves lying upside down with her paws and belly up, going for joy rides in the car, running, playing fetch and taking MANY long walks which has allowed her to lose a much-needed 15 pounds. Not only does she love viewing the scenery on her walks, but observing the squirrels, birds and deer, and the ducks in the neighborhood pond. What she doesn’t love, though, is swimming.

Passionate about tennis balls, she’ll purposefully drop one into the pool, then paw at it to try and grab it as it floats away. This prompts her to bark at the ball until someone retrieves it, then she repeats the “pool game” again and again. She simply loves seeing that ball in the pool! She’s also obsessed with the basketball-sized tennis ball she deflated just enough to grab with her mouth, carry around, and show off to her mom.

Sometimes they go to the beach where Charity plays in the sand and puts her paws in the ocean. She’s also spent some time at her mom’s parents’ house where she “vacations” with her black lab cousins by frolicking about and putting tennis balls in their pool.

After fostering Ann Sofia (“Annie”), one of the Amish puppy mill mamas for two months, Charity’s mom adopted her, providing her with a sister. Thanks to Charity’s tender patience and gentle persistence, Annie discovered the joy of being a dog for the first time, and while they don’t play too often, they respect each other’s space. Charity’s best friend, however, is her mom’s newly rescued calico kitten, Gracie, whom she happily allows to sleep up against her.


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