Biscuit Murray’s Success Story

Biscuit Murray’s Success Story

It may have been raining when his family brought him home, but once Chester, formerly Biscuit, crossed the threshold, he filled their home with sunshine!

Although COVID remained an issue in October 2021, Chester’s new household was brimful of activity, given that he was joining a pack of three other dogs: Nikki, a 13-year-old golden, Otis, a chocolate lab and Skylar, a black mouth cur (both rescues). Sadly, though, Nikki, who had been suffering from congestive heart failure, passed the day before Thanksgiving, but not before he too had basked in the warmth of Chester’s sunny personality.

Having outgrown most of his earlier “wild puppy” ways, Chester still keeps his parents on their toes, infusing them with newfound energy, even while they work together to paw-lish his occasional lapse in manners to perfection. And he makes them laugh. Case in point: He runs faster than any dog they’ve ever had, even jumping over his two siblings! He knows when it’s time for a treat and, unlike Otis and Skylar, always sits politely for one, and is known to watch TV attentively for long periods of time.

He especially enjoys playing with Otis, even when Otis might not be interested, and while they may play roughly, they never play meanly. Chester’s favorite toy is what his parents call a “bonefish” — a hard nylon toy shaped like a fish skeleton, while his security toy is the rope bone that came with him. Highly sociable and universally fond of all dogs, his favorite outings are to Bratty Paws Daycare in Punta Gorda, where he gaily greets every dog in the playgroup, handily earning the title “favorite dog” of people and other pups alike.

Delighted about his family’s recent move to a new home with its large fenced-in backyard that faces a wide greenbelt, he and his siblings have even more room now to run and play. Thriving, healthy and trim, Chester’s most charming and certainly, silliest, antics involve hoses and sprinklers, as in, putting his face directly into the stream(s) of water!


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