Fergie Josie Success Story

Fergie Josie Success Story

From a lonely shelter girl to the center of attention – that describes Fergie Josie, now fondly called Josie, by her forever family.  “We have adopted several goldens from GRRMF over the years,” reports Connie and Robert, “and each time we are very excited about adding another loving ‘meme-we’ to our family!”

“She loves to sit close to ensure lots of rubs and will lay down right in the middle of the kitchen doorway.  We just laugh and tell her she is making a great obstacle for us to go around!”  But Josie has another agenda for being near the kitchen – she loves to lick the empty tuna can, pushing it all over the kitchen trying to get that last tuna taste out, and one never knows when another tuna can may appear so always be ready.

Although Fergie is receiving treatments and daily medication for hip issues, she LOVES her walks and is at the door with tail wagging whenever she hears her leash being picked up.  Josie can always be seen with her family locally and enjoys travelling with them out of state.  She likes being the only canine in the home to receive all the attention, enjoys being around people and is great with children.  “Josie is the most mellow rescue we have ever adopted from GRRMF.”


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