Stella Maris Ocoee’s Success Story

Stella Maris Ocoee’s Success Story

Goofy.  That really should be Stella’s name.  As her new mom says, “Stella has such a goofy personality!”

Stella immediately fit right in to her new home, feeling comfortable from the first day and making a seamless transition.  It was as if both people and pooch knew they were right for each other.

Stella has lots and lots of energy and loves to play outside and go on walks.  That’s probably her favorite activity.  She greets strangers with a huge doggy smile and a tail that’s wagging a mile a minute.  When new people come into her home, Stella really gets goofy.  She’s so happy that she runs around in a circle with excitement.  Stella just wants to be everyone’s best friend.

Stella also adores her chew toys and always has one of them in her mouth.  She is a golden retriever after all.  She’ll trot around the house with a stuffed animal securely held and her fluffy tail wagging.  Sometimes she’ll even fall asleep sitting up with a toy still in her mouth!  How cute is that?

Another goofy thing Stella does is moan when the family returns home.  Stella is so ecstatic to see everyone she can’t contain her happiness, and it sounds like she’s moaning!

Stella and her new family found each other and now will have a lifetime of loving memories to make.  Like her mom says, “Stella is just such a wonderful dog who brings joy to our lives every day!”


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