Daisey’s Success Story

Daisey’s Success Story

Since their other dog didn’t like being an only child, Daisey May’s new foster family decided to go to GRRMF to find a golden rescue.  While visiting Disney Hollywood Studios one day, the family settled on a bench for a break.  While browsing the rescue site, they came across Daisey May’s picture and profile.  Even though she wasn’t a full bred golden, they decided they had to have her.  Dad spent the rest of the time filling out the paperwork and shortly afterwards Daisey entered their lives.  Now Harper, their other rescue has a sibling again.

Her new mom describes Daisey as having two personalities.  One side of her is “crazy Daisey” who “supermans” off or over the furniture, races around with her squeaky toy or drags her fur sibling by the ear across the room. (Fortunately, he doesn’t mind.) The other side is “lazy Daisey” who lounges in her bed upside down with her paws in the air or hangs out in Dad’s chair keeping an eye on everyone.

Daisey loves going for a walk and playing at the dog park.  She walks 5-10 miles a day but will let you know when she is tired and needs a shady place to rest.  At the dog park she loves socializing with all of her new friends and is the unofficial greeter at the gate when new visitors come to play.  She also enjoys car rides, but she’s a little big to be a lap dog in the car which is what she prefers.  She has figured out how to get out of the car restraints and quickly climbs back on a lap.  She enjoys going to the pet store for her bath, but everyone knows it’s not the bath she enjoys but visiting with the other pups in the store and getting treats from everyone.

Her mom says she is “more reliable than a Rolex” as she seems to have an uncanny sense of time.  She has her routine and will let them know when it’s time to eat or get a treat.  She automatically goes to her kennel when she knows they are on their way out.  Since she is so smart, her family looks forward to enrolling her in obedience classes and possibly therapy training classes as she has so much love to share.

Since Daisey’s new family have been working from home, she has been an excellent companion for them.  Because of all of their together time, they have developed a special bond with her.  “She follows us wherever we go even lying outside the shower. Daisey is full of love, happiness and joy and she has brought the same to us.  She is a blessing to our family, and we will forever love her.”


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