Glenda Aubrey’s Success Story

Glenda Aubrey’s Success Story

It was love at first sight when Susan saw this adorable pup’s light brown eyes and beautiful smile. Glenda Aubrey is now happily with her new family and has a new name: Miss Dixie Devereaux! She is named for the late actress Dixie Carter and the southern character of Blanche Devereaux. She came to us from a shelter in Louisiana and her family wanted to honor her roots.

Dixie is an active one-year-old, and the perfect playmate for her fur brother, Shea, a three-year-old golden retriever. They romp through the house constantly, sharing toys and treats. Dixie loves ice cream and Starbucks’ puppuccino, an espresso cup filled with whipped cream.

Dixie’s a bright girl, too. She and Shea get a marrow bone treat every night. Dixie will wait until Shea is chewing away on his and then, runs to Daddy for a head rub. Once Shea sees this, he, of course, needs a head rub from Daddy, too. He leaves his bone for a head rub, and Dixie steals his bone. This happens nightly and Shea never sees it coming!

Dixie is full of love and shenanigans. She greets Susan with a toy every day when she gets home from work, but only to show the toy off, not to share. Dixie is a snuggle bug and vies for attention with her brother Shea. Of course, she wants all the affection for herself. Dixie’s favorite day is Bark Box delivery day. She knows that box is for her and gets very excited. Dixie also loves sleeping in bed with her mom and lounging on the couch.

Playing fetch with a racquet ball is Dixie’s favorite activity and she can catch a toss in the air with remarkable accuracy. Dixie knows after dinner is time to go outside for a game of fetch. If the humans forget about fetching, Dixie brings the balls to them and bounces them until they go out. She is an incredibly fast runner, so much so, that Susan thought she had greyhound heritage. Turns out, a DNA test revealed Dixie is 56% golden retriever, 15% Australian Cattle Dog and a small percentage of several other breeds.

A friendly and outgoing girl, Dixie likes to meet people and pets on neighborhood walks. She loved going to training classes, but the pandemic halted those for the time being. None the less, Dixie knows all her commands, walks well on her leash and has had no issues with what she can and cannot have. Although she came in to rescue underweight, Dixie is now in excellent health. Sounds like she’s definitely living “happily ever after.”


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