Rachel Milley’s Success Story

Rachel Milley’s Success Story

“Cajun cutie” Rachel was 7 years old when she was rescued from a ghastly hoarding situation in Louisiana and entered her current family’s home as a foster in June 2020. To say she was in good company is an understatement because she joined paws with Goldens Bridget and Sadie and senior cat, Driftwood, a Golden by osmosis!

Sweet and social especially towards her doting foster mom, Sue, she delighted in sitting on her lap, giving her hugs, covering her in kisses, and following her about while never taking her eyes off her. Having been so traumatized by her past, wary of strangers, especially men, Rachel’s world revolved around Sue, and Sue adopted her three months later.

While Bridget, Sadie and Driftwood accepted Rachel immediately, she remained very fearful, showed no interest in playing, and preferred her mom’s company to those of the other pets. In fact, so great was her separation anxiety that whenever Sue left – whether for a few minutes or a few hours — she would bark until her return.

Still her mom’s faithful shadow, whenever Sue stands in the kitchen, Rachel lies down with her head on her feet so that she can’t move. When Sue sits down, she immediately jumps up beside her to give her kisses. When she gets into bed at night, Rachel leaps into bed as well, respectfully waits until Bridget gets her belly rubs and moves to the bottom of the bed before approaching, resting her head close to Sue’s, then rolling onto her back and lying very quietly, basking in the attention.

A more relaxed Rachel now enjoys going on walks with Bridget and Sadie, getting treats from the neighborhood dog walker, and loves Nyla Bones so much that she’ll race gleefully to her doggy bed and keep herself happily occupied by chewing and chewing and chewing on it.

As a volunteer for another organization, Sue sometimes goes to Winter Park for the day and Rachel loves going with her. She loves exploring the three acres of gated gardens, finding the local box turtles, carefully bringing them to her, then sleeping soundly all the way home.

According to Sue, Rachel’s biggest accomplishment is being able to stay at home without barking whenever she leaves. Having learned a great deal from her Golden sisters, she’s now more comfortable around new people, and although she still greets them with a bark, she goes to each one for attention. But most of all,  she’s added so much love, fun and happiness to the household that Sue feels blessed to have been the fortunate one to have Rachel as her own.


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