Daisy’s Success Story

Daisy’s Success Story

Daisy, an English cream Golden Retriever, is in the best home for her, which includes another Golden, Hazel, as well as three children.

Initially, she was an 11-week old foster puppy, then she was adopted by the foster family. The ride to her new home, where she curled up on her bed, was an indication of her amiable personality. Daisy quickly bonded with Hazel, and she’s never far from the family’s dad.

You’ll recognize Daisy by the way she prances toward new acquaintances with her nose held high and a wagging tail. She also quickly dispatches ice cubes that are dropped, and she chases the backyard squirrels. The family’s stairs are the perches for Daisy’s chew bones, making it a common obstacle course, especially on the third stair.

You may see Daisy and Hazel riding in the car’s back seat as they move the children to and from school and during coffee runs. Daisy has become a great co-pilot for the teenager driving lessons. Whenever you see Hazel on her evening walks, you’ll no doubt see Daisy walking close by. Daisy and Hazel are so bonded that during grooming sessions at the dog spa, Daisy vocalizes while Hazel is being groomed. It appears Daisy’s chew bones, which she places on the stairs, and the large stuffed lamb she stashes in her crate are her favorite things, which she doesn’t always willingly share with the easy-going Hazel.

Daisy, as a quick learner, has completed basic obedience training and she’s interested in learning new skills, especially when treats are offered. Her family considers Daisy to be a perfect fit.


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