Polly Jamie’s Success Story

Polly Jamie’s Success Story

A golden spirit in a shiny black coat, Polly recently helped her mom celebrate her 77th birthday. After taking over her mom’s heart so effortlessly and completely with her affectionate ways and cozy companionship, this paw-fect pair has been joyfully joined at the hip for the last 1.5 years.

Enchanted by and grateful for Polly’s love, attention, and charm, especially since the start of the pandemic, her mom no longer goes visiting or spends time with other people, except for her ex-husband Bill who delights in spoiling Polly. For her part, Polly delights in being spoiled, relishes his training techniques, and appreciates his willingness to dog sit when her mom has doctors’ appointments and groceries to pick up.

Not a fan of the two resident cats or the pool, Polly is a great fan of warm showers. She’s also a fan of the dogs living on either side of their property, always greeting them with happy barks and friendly tail wags at the fence line. The opposite is true of the peacocks frequenting the area because, after several negative encounters, she learned never to chase them!

Then, one night, as her mom was putting out the trash, Polly escaped from the yard when a wheel from the trash bin got stuck in the gate. Heedless of the consequences, she ran after the fleeing pup and fell into a ditch in the darkness. Fortunately, two country roads away, a dog-savvy stranger with a leash in his vehicle gently clipped it to Polly’s collar and used the information on her tags to notify her panicked – and injured — mom.

As she healed, she learned two valuable life lessons from her beloved Polly: always keep her leashed when outside near the gate and always keep her away from the door of the room where the cats and their food reside!


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