Nala Nellie’s Success Story

Nala Nellie’s Success Story

“We consider Nala our angel dog,” admits Jenna. “We added her to our household and were astonished by the positive effect she had on our 13-year-old golden who was, quite literally, on her last legs. Taking to Nala like no other dog before, she promptly started acting like a puppy again, and lived for another six months.”

“We all love Nala SO much — she was destined to be part of our family. When we finally put our older girl down, she was there to make everything better. Definitely a Velcro dog, affectionate and calm, she wants nothing more than to relax with us and love us. Even my mom, who’s not the biggest dog fan, loves and spoils her.”

“Nala is so gentle and protective that I feel she would make a great therapy dog. Not only is she good with everyone, she’s especially good with my nephew who isn’t yet one. He’ll give Nala’s face a hard pull, but when we tell him ‘no’ and take her away, she keeps going back to watch over him.”

And in spite of every effort to stop her, watchful Nala takes her ‘mothering’ duties even further by helping him stand and walk!

“As calm as Nala is in the house (her favorite activity is sleeping) and on leash, (she has hip problems and wasn’t really made for exercise), she releases her inner puppy once she’s outside in the backyard where she LOVES running zoomies. It’s so cute to watch her playful side coming out, and since she doesn’t play with toys, when she does play, it’s adorable.”

Being part of the family, Nala eagerly accompanies her mom everywhere she goes – including on brief shopping trips to Lowes, Home Depot and Michael’s Craft Store. And bark about one golden bathing beauty when she hits the beach! She’s even vacationed with her doting parents in Georgia and South Carolina.

“Despite loving mud and horse poop – ugh — (I have a horse and a donkey),” Jenna concludes with a laugh and a shudder, “Nala is paws-itvely perfect.”


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