Otis Maxx’s Success Story

Otis Maxx’s Success Story

An active, patient, and loving family is all Otis needed to find his forever home.  Full of energy, Otis was surrendered due to his outside habits.  Inside the house Otis’ manners are impeccable; he doesn’t chew or have accidents.  From day one he has slept on the pillow with one of his human siblings, but at bed time he has to be put to bed or he doesn’t move from where he is. He has a routine and is sticking to it.  Otis expects to be in the center of everything his family does.

A lot of work, time, love and patience have gone into improving Otis’ outside manners.  First he had to be taught how to walk on his leash, how to act around other dogs and how to ride in a car.  Progress is being made as most of the time he will focus on his treat rather than other distractions.  One on-going challenge is walking nicely with his fur sister.  Along with the trainer’s help, they are working on getting Otis used to just hanging out in the yard without going anywhere, attending public events with other dogs and new people.  Otis is still a runner, he wears a GPS tracker, but his family hopes that one day he won’t have the need or desire to run away.

All of this training has paid off and Otis reaps the rewards.  He loves running in the morning with his mom and her friends who shower him with kisses.  He gets to go hiking in the mountains which he loves.  He also enjoys jumping in the swimming holes chasing after the kids.  He is a very lucky golden who gets to enjoy his own swimming pool at home.  Here he has a unique way of swimming, according to his mom, he stands on his hind legs and swims standing up.  He is getting the hang of swimming and loves swimming out to his mom.  Another favorite past time is chasing and then playing with lizards; they take the place of toys which he is not overly fond of.

Otis, his family and trainer are working hard to channel Otis’ enthusiasm.  In the future Otis might be attending agility classes to give him another outlet for his energy.  Overall, Otis’s forever family feel he has made tremendous progress and they all love having him in their family.  Ferris and Tim even kept his name as they felt it fit him perfectly.



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