Dean Sonny’s Success Story

Dean Sonny’s Success Story

It’s hard to believe this sweet face could destroy a new toy in five minutes or less.  His mom says he loves ripping them to shreds, it’s actually become a cherished game between them.  Dean Sonny, now know as Deano, adores squeaky toys, when mom gets a new one for him she doesn’t show him it immediately.  She places the toy behind her back and begins squeezing it until it squeaks. Deano stands frozen in position-until he hears the squeaks, then mom shows him the toy and he goes bananas!  The game is on, Deano tears the toy to shreds and mom says it’s the best 5 minutes of his and her day.

Deano is the King of the castle in his forever home, the two resident kitties welcomed him with open paws when he came to live with them.  In fact, he has taught his favorite feline how to do “The Tush Push,” at least the Golden Retriever way.  He goes looking for his kitty partner, once he finds her, he noses her belly and pushes her tush to get her to play with him.  

This golden boy is definitely enjoying his King status!  His day consist of several walks, relaxing in the shady grass next to mom, playing with his favorite yellow football and getting a full body massage to relieve his arthritis pain before he goes to bed at night-he even snores and doesn’t get kicked out of the bedroom! 

Deano loves his doggy trips to Aunt Denise’s home, where he enjoys the large yard and watching all the wildlife.  He doesn’t like the water much, but he never takes his eyes off mom when she is in the pool. Deano is loved by the entire family and spoiled by everyone.

It’s easy to see that King Deano is living the life, adored by all humans and creatures, he is the man around town in his forever home. 


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