Finn Ashton’s Success Story

Finn Ashton’s Success Story

Finn was his adoptive mom’s first golden and he’s now her heart’s true golden love!

Having been on the waiting list for a year, she was ecstatic when she met him and brought him home. As soon as she saw him, she knew he was the perfect dog for her and she couldn’t be happier having him as her constant companion. Not long after, her partner brought home Amos, his eighth golden puppy. Finn and Amos are best friends who adore each other, play tug-o-war together, wrestle and romp around the house and backyard together, and sleep together.

She and her partner playfully call Finn Finney or Finnegan. Sometimes they sing the old song, “There was a dog named Finney Finnigan, he went out and came back in again, he grew some hairs on his chin again, Finney Finney Finnegan. Begin again!”

Finn is extremely empathetic and knows when his mom needs his sweet affection, a furry friend to hug and to pet. Friendly towards everyone he meets, especially children, he’ll lie down or sit quietly and allow strangers to pet him. He may be a calm dog, but he’s also a playful and energetic one who loves being outside and running, going on hikes, and visiting the dog beach where he romps in and out of the water.

He’s not only been hiking with Amos and their family on the Appalachian Trail and the Florida Trail, but camping at the Outer Banks in North Carolina where he loved walking through the dunes and being in the water. A mischievous mister, he used to chase cats, lizards and squirrels on his daily walks with his mom, but she spent a great deal of time breaking him of this habit. Now he just goes after the few lizards in the backyard. Easily trainable, he performed wonderfully at a dock diving exercise he and his mom participated in, and understands all of his basic commands.

One of his silliest moments occurred when he and his mom were at the dog park at New Smyrna Beach. Finn spotted a motor boat in the distance and wanted to chase after it, pulling her into the water with him!


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