Charlie Neptune’s Success Story

Charlie Neptune’s Success Story

Look at this beautiful face.  How could you not fall instantly in love?  Well, that’s just what Tom did when he first met Charlie!  Always a happy pooch, Charlie Neptune came to GRRMF hoping for a second chance at a loving home.  He got that and so much more with his new forever family.

“Charlie is the best addition ever to our family.”  His new dad says Charlie has so much love to give, even for his new canine brother Noah.  The two are thick as thieves playing together.  Both chase each other and whatever toy is at hand around the back yard, getting into doggy mischief and enjoying every minute of it!  Charlie’s a smart and sneaky boy as well, counter-surfing for treats, then giving his new parents a heart tugging look of innocence as if to say, ‘Hmm… I don’t know what cookie you’re talking about.’

When Charlie is not hanging out with the family, you will find him with any number of favorite toys in his mouth.  Charlie likes to chew – especially big rawhide bones – and he doesn’t put them down until there is nothing left of them.

Charlie has taken some fun-filled family vacations as well, going to Ft. Wilderness at Disney and enjoying the sun and surf in Longboat Key.  His dad says he’s great in the car and on our family getaways.

Charlie got his second chance at happiness when his new family opened their hearts and home to him, but his new dad will tell you he got so much more in return with a lifetime of snuggles and unconditional love.


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