Violet Donna’s Success Story

Violet Donna’s Success Story

Vivacious Violet’s adoption by Donna and her family was doubly fortuitous because shortly thereafter, they lost Leo, their cherished golden and GRRMF alum.

Offsetting their grief was their excitement and happiness over their newest addition as Violet proved to be a lifesaver for them and a much-needed companion for their other GRRMF pup, Harley. Enthusiastic and energetic, Violet, who thrives on activity, loves playing and wrestling with Harley in the house, playing ball in the backyard with her parents, carrying around stuffy toys with squeakers inside and merrily squeaking them everywhere she goes.

The undisputed love of her family’s lives, making them happier than happy, Donna delights in the way Violet lies across her in bed or in the recliner and the way she looks into her eyes as if seeing straight into her soul. Last but certainly not least is her desire to always be with them, seeking their much-appreciated approval. Then there’s her silly side – such as the time she saw herself in the mirror and started barking at herself … or when she noticed birds for the first time and tried to catch them as they flew by.

And although she’s learned more of her commands and walks better on a leash, Violet still loves chasing squirrels that run along the top of the fence.


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