Legacy Dog – Deuce’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Deuce’s Success Story

From 2002

Deuce (originally Solo), one of the Sarasota 23 puppies, may have had malformed hind legs but that neither stifled his spirit nor slowed his step.


After Lisa and her husband adopted him, their vet in Palm Harbor was astounded that Deuce could even walk. Not only was he suffering from such severe hip dysplasia, with sockets that had never formed properly, she said that she could have probably tied those legs into a bow!


“Evidently, no one ever told Deuce,” Lisa says, “because he ran, jumped and played like any other Golden. He wasn’t a ball or Frisbee dog though. His passion was chewing sticks. He could make mulch out of branches in no time. Late in his life, I kept a bin of branches for him and he would just saunter over and take his pick. Not much of a swimmer, he was perfectly content to sit on the pool step, splashing and dunking his head under water.


“He grew up alongside Diva and Shasta, two other GRRMF alumnae, and the three of them were inseparable. But as much as he loved them, he also loved his GRRMF PetSmart and nursing home visits with three of his Sarasota 23 siblings — Ace, Lucy and Saxon.


“We moved to Texas in 2007, and for several winters, Deuce experienced and adored the wonders of snow. Tragically, however, he suffered a heart attack on January 25, 2011. He was only 8 1/ 2 years old. My sweet little ‘Deucey boy’ is missed every day.”


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