Butch Sean’s Success Story

Butch Sean’s Success Story

Now known as Tuck, his tenderhearted adopters adored him the moment they met him — when they knew he was the dog for them. Not only was it love at first sight, Tuck, for his part, has more than met their expectations by adoring them equally in return.

His parents are more joyful now that he’s part of their family, and having truly built him into their family, they take him along on as many of their normal activities, including several fun-filled vacations, as possible. SWEET, the most loving and welcoming pup, he seldom barks or fusses and has never met a “stranger.” Everyone who meets him comments about his quiet and sweet demeanor.

Not only is Tuck SWEET he also loves to CUDDLE. Always touching at least one of his parents at all times, he’s happiest and most content being in their company. He loves their long morning walks and his toy salmon, going with his parents to the ballpark to watch his kids play baseball, and especially loves their 80-year-old neighbors across the street, using any excuse to visit them and get treats!

Surprisingly though, Tuck doesn’t like the water and even steers clear of sprinklers during their walks – a trait his parents find both funny and endearing. Thankfully healthy after his heartworm treatment, he’s gained back the weight he lost, and while he gave them a fright when he once got into the trash can, he turned out to be just fine.

His parents joke that he’s just like a human child. He starts out the night in his own bed but always manages to end up in theirs. But they’re not complaining!


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