Charlie Jenson’s Success Story

Charlie Jenson’s Success Story

The long search for a Golden Retriever ended when his new family met Charlie, the cutest dog they had ever seen!  He was a perfect fit from day one – always excited to go on an adventure or just chill side by side with his family.  This guy is the ideal snuggler- he never fails to lay his head on their lap, when he’s asking for cuddles.  On special occasions, Charlie is even allowed to lay in bed with mom and dad and he savors every minute of it.   As the ideal Velcro dog, he follows his family wherever they go and wants to be involved in all the action (even if the action is just going to get a glass of water).

When Charlie first arrived, he was very leery of other dogs and some dogs even sent him into a barking fit.  Gaining confidence through the patience of his adopted family, Charlie now goes to the dog park and loves running around with his buddies.  He loves going on overnight trips to the kennel, where he gets to hang out in the lobby with all the other dogs.

Charlie has the unique physical trait of a beard!  Despite being an English Cream Golden Retriever, Charlie grows a terrier-like beard right from his cheeks – that has to be trimmed every few weeks or else he starts to chew on it.

Every time this fellow heads out to the backyard, he acts like it has been months instead of a couple hours since he was last outside.  He runs around like a pup and then slides face first into the grass so that he can roll in it and smell all the scents of the outdoors. It’s no surprise that when he is done, he comes back covered in grass – which his mom says is ‘pretty darn cute’.

Best described by his family, as the perfect mix of being active and being lazy, Charlie is now snuggled into his forever home and couldn’t be any happier if he tried.

Way to go Charlie – happy tails to you and your loving family!




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