Legacy Story – Jake’s Success Story

Legacy Story – Jake’s Success Story

From 2014

Place a Golden with a million-dollar smile with a first time foster family and sometimes magic happens.

So it was for 5-year-old Jake and his fosters when he arrived at their home in 2014, weighing a whopping 125 pounds! Surrendered by his owner, he proved to be as large in LOVE as he was in size, and since Marilee and her family felt the same, he never left.

“He loved chasing balls and running,” Marilee says, “and he would run until he couldn’t run any more. While he doesn’t run as much these days, he loves walking around our property with its 1 1/2 acres, eagerly exploring every inch of it, and always finding something new and different to enjoy.

“Despite some health and fear issues (he has a basketball that’s totally flat which he carries outside and sleeps with), he remains the most loving of dogs and still greets us at the door, flashing his megawatt smile every time. He now has two other rescue brothers to keep him company, and the three of them love watching TV and sleeping together.

“As fosters — which I miss dearly – we had so many wonderful experiences, provided temporary homes for some exceptional dogs and met some truly remarkable ‘forever families.’ This was the most rewarding part of all: knowing that these pups would be cared for and loved for the rest of their lives.

“GRRMF is a wonderful organization and my husband and I were blessed to have had the pleasure of working with them.”



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