Abby’s Success Story

Abby’s Success Story

No stranger to goldens, Abby Jessey’s forever family had already decided they needed another golden to keep their one-year old company.  They had been following GRRMF and decided to reach out to us.  Abby entered their lives shortly afterwards, and the two pups, born only five days apart, became close friends and playmates.

Abby loves her new dad and enjoys resting her head in his lap or hanging out in the garage with him and her sister, listening to music and watching the neighbors.  Both girls love doggie day care where they get to romp and play all day.  This gives them an outlet for their energy as mom and dad frequently have to break up the wrestling.  Her favorite toys are a stuffed alligator and a stuffed chicken that crows along with the Benebones which are scattered all over the house.  She also enjoyed her first trip to the beach where she continually retrieved the tennis ball from the water, “nonstop the entire time.”  Smart as she is, she knows as soon as she hears the Vitamix that there will be carrots coming her way as mom always puts them in the smoothies. She is doing well with her training; currently they are working on sharing.

Ever the princess Miss Abby is “very regal acting and prances in from the backyard like a horse.”  Abby is a “welcome addition to the family and a great playmate for sister Cally.”  Another GRRMF rescue has found her forever home.


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