Hope Joelle’s Success Story

Hope Joelle’s Success Story

Happily living up to her name, sweet Hope brought loving and solace to her adoptive family and new sister Sasha after the loss of their previous canine companion.

Four-year-old Hope, with her uniquely exquisite red fur and hazel eyes, and three-year-old Sasha liked each other from the start, tussling and wrestling like puppies, stealing toys from one another and playing chase. In fact, their admittedly fascinated family still turns off the TV and watches them go, laughing themselves silly. Especially endearing to them is when both dogs are lying on their backs, their heads pressed together, their bodies facing opposite directions, and their feet kicking the air – as if they’re fighting! Not to mention Hope’s nightly routine of seeking out Sasha and licking her until their parents break it up.

Very much a “velcro” dog, living for face kisses and sleep snuggling, Hope MUST sleep with her people at night, never hogging the bed and always complying whenever she’s encouraged to scoot over. Highly intelligent and always alert to her surroundings, she misses nothing and is a wonderful, if harmless, watch dog, barking alongside Sasha from behind the front window at the deliverymen outside. Athletic, agile and active, she adores chasing squirrels only slightly less than taking rides in the car and seeing the world whizzing past.

Diagnosed with a seizure disorder that was mostly controlled by medication before her family met her, their own vet switched her to a less toxic one with even greater success. Hope’s doting dad makes it clear that although this is their first experience with a dog prone to seizures, once they did their research and had some excellent talks with their vet, they wouldn’t hesitate in adopting another dog with the same condition as hers.




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