Scooter Fletcher’s Success Story

Scooter Fletcher’s Success Story

To say his family was “excited, joyous, and happy” to have him there is an understatement indeed! With Scooter (now Cooper) as part of their lives, they’re far more active and take him along on most of their own, daily adventures, while his ebullient spirit has effortlessly re-energized the entire household.

Endlessly endearing to his parents, he loves snuggling with them in bed in the morning, amuses them by the way he crosses his two front paws when he’s lying down, and impresses them with his friendly demeanor towards every person and dog he meets. He also loves going to the park, slurping away at pup ice cream and taking rides in the car. In fact, one of his silliest antics is attempting to jump into any open car door he sees!

Famously fond of toys – the more the merrier – he favors his stuffed toys, including an octopus, a duck and a raccoon. He adores playing with them, especially in the morning.

Never one to turn down his paw at socializing, Cooper attends art parties at The Blueberry Patch in Gulfport, FL, recently accompanied his parents on a week-long trip to the North Carolina mountains and on a visit to see various family members and their seven dogs.

His mom explains that when they first adopted Cooper, he was very hesitant to enter new spaces — even the local dog store. Although he’s now more at ease where new spaces are concerned, he’s still fearful of loud noises, thunder and the trash truck, hiding out in their closet until he feels safe.

As for his greatest accomplishment? Winning first prize for being the sweetest dog his mom has ever had.



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