Bentley Nat’s Success Story

Bentley Nat’s Success Story

Bentley Nat, who is now known as Samson (because of his large size and long hair), was born into the GRRMF family when mom Mariah gave birth in November of 2016.  Mary and Todd were thrilled to bring Samson home and introduce him to his chocolate lab brother, Remington (Remi).  After losing their Golden, Faith, just a year earlier, Mary and Todd were ready to be a two-dog family once again.  At first, Samson was a little intimated by Remi, but quickly warmed up to him and is now much larger than his big brother.  When pictures were posted of Remi (before Samson joined the family), the hashtag #hesabigdog was always added; now, they add #hesanevenbiggerdog after Samson’s pictures.  Mary and Todd also have two children, so now the family is made up of “two’s”: two parents, two kids, and, of course, two happy dogs.

Even though people are often taken aback by Samson’s size, he is a gentle giant.  Mary enjoys taking him on walks and feeling safe with him, although she is certain he would never hurt a fly.  When Samson sleeps, he has action-filled dreams (probably chasing squirrels), and Mary’s scratched hardwood floors have taken the brunt of the “dream running.”

Samson loves to be brushed—all that long hair creates a new Samson puppy each time!  He enjoys being with the family and can be found wherever anyone might be hanging out.  When he is missing, Samson is usually in one of two places: under the dining room table or stretched out on the cool bathroom tile.  One of Samson’s favorite activities is visiting pumpkin patches—maybe it is the bright orange color or the large number of pumpkins that attracts him, but he loves to stroll around the patch and also enjoys the attention he receives from people searching for the right pumpkin.

Samson is a very obedient dog.  He usually comes at the first call; sometimes, however, he is reluctant to come back inside after playing.  Mary thinks it might be because he is too tired to walk back to the house. Mary and Todd are lucky to live on two acres, so Samson and Remi have plenty of room to run.  Bribery usually works, however, to get Samson to come in after playtime in his roomy backyard.  Remi is a strong and fast runner, but Samson does his best to keep up with him.  Sometimes, he does pass Remi, but not for long.  Mary and Todd enjoy watching Samson get up the energy to run alongside Remi and then plop down in the grass as if to say, “Rock on, Remi, rock on!”

Even though Mary and Todd did not think they would end up with a puppy after Faith died, they are so happy that they did luck out with Samson.  When they heard about Mariah’s litter, they just knew Samson was the right fit for their family.


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