Toby Jenning’s Success Story

Toby Jenning’s Success Story

Looking at this picture you’d think Toby was the chef cook and bottle washer in his new home!  A good Samaritan rescue, Toby needed a loving home with parents who were willing to take the time to teach him how to be a gentlemen.  He found that home and much, much more!

When Toby first arrived at his new digs, he rarely wagged his tail.  He wasn’t trained and was scared and shy.  Today, Toby’s tail is rarely not moving.  He’s full of life and extremely playful.  Toby is a big fan of stuffed animals and tries to cram as many of the furry critters in mouth as he can.  Along with his canine brothers, he loves to go on family camping trips.  The lucky boy has been to the Florida Keys and the mountains in North Carolina.

With the help of a professional trainer Toby has also earned several obedience certificates and is working on more.  Charlotte and Mike looked past Toby’s rough edges and saw his true spirit.  They’re offering Toby a fresh outlook on life and in return he’s giving them wonderful times and precious memories.


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