Legacy Dog – Shasta Bella’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Shasta Bella’s Success Story

From 2002

Shasta Bella was Daddy’s sweet princess from the moment he laid eyes on her. She was our first and only GRRMF girl for years and the two of them had hearts bonded together with glue for always. She followed him everywhere and stood at the window for hours waiting for him to come home from work so they could hang out by the pool together. She could hear his car coming a mile away and she could not be restrained as soon as she heard the car she just had to get out to the garage to see him.

She was always pretty in pink between her collars and her bows and the stuffies. She was our first GRRMF rescue and she needed a home because her family‘s home had burned down and her tail had even gotten singed in the fire.

When we picked her up at her foster home we were a little bit nervous because she had enjoyed the high life living on Clearwater Bay and going on boat rides with her foster parents. Although we had a pool and a pink floatie waiting for her, we were a little bit worried that she would be disappointed. However she left in her new daddy’s arms and off we went and she didn’t have a care in the world! As long as she had daddy by her side that was all she needed!

Shasta was part of our family for over 10 years. As our first GRRMF dog she joined a DVGRR dog at home. Over the years the bond between Shasta and daddy grew ever tighter. So much so, that when we lost her we were never able to get another girl! It was impossible to imagine having another so she is our legacy girl for always.

Shasta, Cody and Chase


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