Josie Aprel’s Success Story

Josie Aprel’s Success Story

Josie Aprel, now lovingly called Bella, touched Faith and Michael’s hearts immediately.  They had previously lost their 16 year old and Bella fit in perfectly into their little family

Although timid at first, she has outgrown all of her fears, except with strangers, and has become a great traveler and enjoys trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  This year was also her first vacation, joining her new family on their annual beach vacation, where she loved hanging out on the beach level deck.

Bella jumps up and down when excited and looks forward to her four walks daily, especially when one is on the nature trail.  When not out walking, Bella enjoys stalking squirrels, playing tug a war with dad and grandpa or just sitting in her special chair by the window and monitoring the neighborhood!  Of course there is always snuggling between Mom and Dad on the sofa watching TV.

We believe in Bella and have faith that in time this fear of strangers will also be overcome.

“We are so happy to have Bella in our lives… she completes our little family.  She blesses us each day with an overabundance of joy and love.  We love her to the moon and back always and forever!” says Faith and Michael.


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