Sam Jack’s Success Story

Sam Jack’s Success Story

A House isn’t a Home without a Golden!

We received this beautiful message written by Lisa, Sam’s adopted mom. Many of you may remember following the weekly weigh-ins of this once pudgy boy who arrived weighing 168 pounds and a huge personality to match his large body.  Today Sam is healthy and has inspired the whole family to join him in daily exercise! 

“We had recently lost our sweet golden Sandy (also a GRRMF alum) and were happy to have a dog in the house again,” reports Lisa. “We kept Sam’s name and there is a story as to why. We have three daughters and each time I got pregnant we hoped for a boy. If we did, his name was always going to be Sam. Well…we finally got our son Sam, he just has four legs!”

“Sam Jack was an extremely heavy when he was rescued by GRRMF.  His volunteer fosters spent a lot of time helping him reduce his weight and improve his health. Our fabulous golden has kept his weight down and is a very healthy boy. He is swimming again since the pool is warm, loves playing fetch in the backyard and enjoys his daily walks. Our veterinarian took X-rays of Sam when we first adopted him and found he had muscle atrophy due to his prior life of not exercising and eating too much, but everyone will be happy to know his muscles are back and perfectly healthy!“

“Sam has three human sisters who love to lean on him while reading a book and he’s always up for allowing them to put tiaras on his fluffy head.  Sam follows them upstairs for bath and bed time and lays next to their bed until they go to sleep. His favorite toy is whatever stuffed animal he has most recently stolen from his sisters.”

“The most endearing thing to me, as his Mommy, is that he knows if I am upset or worried and comes right over to me, giving me a big snuggle to remind me that everything will be okay. He is my constant companion and I absolutely love it.  Recently when his Daddy was sitting in HIS spot on the couch, Sam barked like he had to go out and when Daddy got up to open the door, he hopped in his spot!”

“Sam has been to our mountain house in Tennessee and is heading out for a beach vacay with us this summer.  Since he joined us, we do family walks every night so that he always has his exercise to help him stay at a healthy weight. It’s great family time that we didn’t do before but now enjoying doing – all because of him!

Our family is now complete with Sam!”




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