PJ’s Success Story

PJ’s Success Story

Our beloved PJ who arrived in rescue in July 2016 was adopted on Thanksgiving Day. It’s been a tough road for her as GRRMF tried to save her leg due to a congenital defect, but as time went by and despite various therapy and braces, the growth of the defective bone could not keep up. She started to experience pain which was not acceptable. Now a tripawd, she has not slowed down one bit and has quickly adjusted to 3 pawed life in her home who cared for her and loves her and is now her forever home.

PJ’s wanted to share her Christmas letter to all her friends and sponsors of her care.

Hi, you may have heard…I’m adopted!! Yipee! My days at home are so filled with fun. Home…how I love to say that and thanks to you, I can! I am so lucky to have so many humans who care about me and my best golden fur sister Honey loves me and I have two brothers called cats. One plays with me and the other – well he’s a little grumpy. So I let him sleep. During the week, every morning mom gets up very early to go to work and teaches humans something…hmmm, I bet I could help her do that someday. I used to be up a lot when I was a little girl but now I don’t like getting up before the sun. So I am a little slow down the hall way but mom says that’s ok. Mom and sister Honey start coffee. We all go outside and then mom gets a shower and I hang out patiently because I know what’s next. The best part of the morning…BREAKFAST! I so love food and I’m still a growing puppy so I should, right?

When mom is at work my nannies come by to play with me and then my human brother does too. When mom gets home from work we play. Then the favorite part of the evening… DINNER! My neighbor’s Mr. Rob and Mr. Phil tell me I am wonderful and even their four legged boys Charlie and Shadow like me now. If I am really lucky my four legged friend Mahala comes out to visit. If I am not lucky Mr. Tortoise Tonka comes out in the yard and then Honey and I cannot play until he goes back home. So we wrestle inside the house instead. At about 9:15pm I put myself to bed because I know mom will get us up early again and I need my puppy beauty sleep after all. THEN comes my absolutely favorite part of the week – the weekend. We can sleep in!!!! And lots of times friends come to visit. I get to take car rides to visit my friends at the vet office who took such good care of me. They think I am missing a leg but I have not really noticed because mom takes me for something called laser treatment and my friend Miss Terry visits me for something called Reiki so it’s wonderful to have the freedom and new found comfort to run and play again! I have lots of blankets because you can never have too many blankets to cuddle on and a bed for Christmas already. You can never have too many toys either…probably because I like tearing them up the best. I’m learning but I can’t help myself. I am very happy and love my family very much. I thank everyone who has helped me become the best PJ I can be ….which is pretty awesome!

Merry Christmas!
Love, PJ



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