Reggie Albert’s Success Story

Reggie Albert’s Success Story

Well, who knew that Reggie, now called Sammie, would become the king of the castle in his cozy new home?  “Once he assimilated into his new routine and forever home, he understood that the world was his oyster and we were the shell that kept him safe,” his new mom says.

How could one furry pup become so enamored of his new family that he has us wrapped around his little paw! He just loves to follow us everywhere we go, jump in the car for any possible new (or repeat) adventure.  He is happiest when he is very close by our side.  He makes himself at home, as he should, by sleeping with his curly haired head on our pillows and throws them in the air for fun.  He often jumps on the couch (with that little smile knowing he shouldn’t) for a warm up and some loving beside mom or dad. Being an only child, he takes full advantage of all hands on deck (or on his tummy!)  He’s smart, tells us when to feed him, when he needs a treat for being extra good or when its time to play in the yard.  He loves his routines, his puzzle toys, especially his turtle (he waits for it to come out of the washer/dryer) and most especially his night time routine of “find it” right before bed.  He keeps us on our toes and pays attention to our conversations and especially papa’s stories. If papa’s not attentive he just might saunter over to take a snack out of his hand.

Sammie, the love bug is happily at home with his new family.  They play together inside and out and cuddle with his soft turtle, pile pillows and toss them in the air.  On special days when grandpa reads while snacking, he may just saunter over and grab a bite.


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