Harley Duke’s Success Story

Harley Duke’s Success Story

Harley Duke now known as MECO has, literally and figuratively, made his new dad the most adored dad around!

Once past his initial shyness on the way to his adoptive home, he settled in paw-fectly, revealing his true inner sweetness and sociability. Being single at the time, his dad found in the enthusiastic and energetic golden the ideal walking, hiking and camping companion, and one who’s always ready for the next, great adventure. Not to mention one who thrives on attention and affection and is always eager for physical touch. And so, every morning, MECO comes over to his dad in bed and nudges him – not too subtly – until he gives him the “good morning” hug he craves.

Not long after adopting MECO, his dad became engaged to a woman with two sons whom MECO absolutely adores being around. And the feeling is mutual. At the boys’ constant request, MECO visits them as often as possible, and although he’s very gentle with them, all three love playing chase and fetch and games of “keep away” in the backyard. For MECO’s part, he especially enjoys chasing the two boys along the zip line while they, in turn, respect his space at dinnertime, an issue MECO and his dad continue working on weekly.

As much as MECO loves going on camping trips with his dad (their last trip was to Georgia to see the leaves change), he also loves going swimming and boating while his dad fishes. Once, when his dad showed him the small fish he had caught and set free, the silly and spirited golden jumped into the water, swam around searching for it, and even put his head underwater in an effort to find it!

Recently, MECO made his dad proud by passing basic obedience and will join a more advanced class this year.



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