Cody Jon’s Success Story

Cody Jon’s Success Story

Cody Jon,  now known as Andy, laid adoring eyes on his adoptive family, he knew that he was well and truly home.

And the feeling was more than mutual, so excited were his parents to welcome this friendly and frisky fluff ball with the HUGE personality into their lives and hearts. Known as the perennial life of the proverbial party, Andy loves greeting every person and dog entering the house, making each of them his new best friend. Needless to say, Andy has a wide collection of new best friends.

Passionate about affection and attention, he also loves cuddling with his parents, laying his large head on one of their laps or chests and looking for head scratches or belly rubs. He also loves “tiptoeing” down the hallway in the mornings to wake up his human brother. Equally passionate about swimming, he spends as much time as possible in the family’s pool, whether it’s 90+ degrees or below 50. Second to his love of swimming is his love of playing doggy lifeguard and “saving” anyone who’s ventured into the deep end of the pool. Not to mention protecting the neighborhood by using his loud, deeply voiced barks anytime a car or a person passes the house.

Always up for adventure, he especially enjoys traveling in the family RV on camping trips, on summer trips to their lake house in Michigan and to their river house on the Homosassa. He does, however, suffer from seasonal allergies, but his mom treats any affected areas with a hydrocortisone spray, while his allergy to chicken was easily corrected by switching him to another kind of food.

Recently added to his other accomplishments: the successful completion of two sessions of training at his doggy daycare, garnering him a proud “paws up” from his glowing parents.


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