Legacy Dog – Rusty’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Rusty’s Success Story

From 1998

In 1998, Mary Anne and Paul opened their home and their hearts to 6-year-old Rusty, affording him the opportunity he deserved to finally know how it felt to be safe, secure and loved — well and truly loved.


Given his abusive past life, the remarkable Rusty never knew a stranger, never met a person he didn’t instantly befriend. Known as the “neighborhood greeter,” one of his claims to fame was his innate ability to reassure children who were afraid of dogs, “teaching” them how to feel more relaxed and more comfortable around them.


Rescued together with Rusty was another Golden named Woody – in even worse physical condition than he was. (Both dogs arrived from Port Saint Lucie Humane Society after having been removed from their owners by Police Animal Cruelty Officers). The compassionate vet who cared for them ultimately adopted Woody since his care would have proven prohibitive for even the most committed adopters. This led to the eventual establishment of The Woody Fund.


Because Rusty was that rarest of dogs, Mary Anne and Paul were beyond thankful to have been chosen as his parents.


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