Remy August’s Success Story

Remy August’s Success Story

After the passing of his owner, it wasn’t long before Remy would join his new family.  Remy was a blessing for his new family, dealing with the recent loss of their golden Abby.  But little did his family know that the blessing worked both ways.  In the beginning, Remy was scared of his own shadow and everything around him. Seeing the potential that Remy possessed inside, his new family slowly started to see his confidence building the more they patiently worked with him.   All the loving spirit that existed within this beautiful boy began flowing as his tail wagged and he persistently bugged his family to fulfill his wants.  Remy loves to have his chest and chin rubbed. To make sure no spot is missed, he will sit up nice and tall with both paws on you, enjoying the TLC.

Remy loves being outside in his large fenced in yard. He enjoys helping mom garden and makes sure Dad knows about each passerby.   Running like the wind in his new environment makes Remy so happy.  His true spirit has shined through and he has thrived tremendously with his new family.

Mom and Dad call Remy their “Gentle Giant”.  No matter the age or size, Remy is gentle and careful with all he meets and greets.  One of his favorite toys is a cardboard paper towel tube.  One would think a large golden would easily destroy this object, but he enjoys carrying it around in his mouth, never tearing or breaking it apart.  Remy has so many endearing qualities about him that makes him so lovable.  He acquired 4 rescue cat siblings when he joined his new family and a golden named Mollie who often visits.  Remy adores all the kisses he receives when he goes to visit Grandma’s house.

It is truly amazing to see the reciprocal love that happens when a golden joins a caring, loving family.


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