KC Nico’s Success Story

KC Nico’s Success Story

KC 15 year young golden

Bringing KC home by his mom Kathy D.

Isn’t funny how sometimes things just fall into place, how some things are just “meant to be”. Somewhere in my frequent trolling of social media sites, I read the quote “you don’t always get the dog you want, but you will always get the dog you need” I don’t know who said that, but it couldn’t ring more true. Especially in the story of how KC came to be a member of the pack at Casa Golden Girl.

Hi, my name is Kathy, and I am a volunteer for GRRMF. I transport dogs to and from their owners, foster homes and their vets offices. I often meet the most incredible dogs, many who are just starting the journeys to their new lives. I decided I needed to have an approved application on record with the rescue, in case I met a dog I just had to have. So in January 2015, I finished the process. I did not have a dog in mind, and really wasn’t’ planning on adding to my family at that time. I have a 14 yr old Golden named Ruby who I adopted in August 2011 at the ripe old age of 9.5, and keeping my old girl comfortable and happy can be a full time job. I get lots of help though, I live with two roommates, great friends, that I met at the dog park. Our friendship formed and solidified by our love of dogs. We joined forces, bought a house and filled all 4000 square feet, with canine and feline children.

The night of my home visit, I sat with my roommates looking at the GRRMF website and commenting on all the beautiful dogs. That is when I saw KC, it said he was 15 yrs old. Fifteen!!!!! My roommates and I were so concerned that he would not get adopted, and we have become pros at caring for a senior dog. It only took a moment and it was decided, we would love to have KC join our pack. (Timing again, only a few months earlier my roommate Jill had lost her sweet and loving Rottweiler, a gentle giant, Champ to the dreaded cancer) I quickly went into action, and started making phone calls; we wanted to be sure and not miss our chance. That was on Wednesday evening, by Friday evening I was making the long drive across the state to bring our boy home.

Along for the ride was a dear friend and her 7 year old daughter, Faith. KC settled so nicely in the car, I knew he was a gem, when he gently took every French fry offered to him from his back seat companion. He was so gentle with Faith, I instantly relaxed. It was a long trip and KC was perfect in the car. We didn’t get home until after midnight and all my dogs where “sleeping”. Of course not for long, as soon as we entered the house it was a flurry of activity, my youngest pup, Scarlet (a 2 year old Rottie) was a little growly with her new brother, it amazed me how KC knew instinctively to go into a play bow, I believe that communicated to Scarlet that he was no threat, he just wanted to play!! It changed the whole mood of the meeting, and they instantly became the best of friends, wrestling and playing tug of war so much, I often have to interfere, don’t want my old man to wear out!!

Our sweet boy was dreadfully thin and had a horrible ear infection, but he was all love. We don’t know his beginnings, but I believe he was well loved at some point, he has such manners and will even sit and give you his paw (something he does for me often, as he knows I have a weakness for it) He rarely barks, and is in fact, the EASIEST dog I have ever had. He just loves people, and spends his time at the dog park greeting all the humans as they arrive. KC is a pretty agile and sprightly 15 yr old, we like to joke that he is not a day over 13 yrs old!!! He does have a little arthritis in his hips, but he gets along well. He runs, swims and plays like a much younger dog.

In September of this year we packed up our pack of now 5 dogs (adding a 9 lbs foster failure in July) and made the 9 hour trip to Asheville, North Carolina. We spend a week every fall at our favorite vacation spot, Barkwell’s (the fully fenced vacation retreat for dog lovers). KC was an angel in the van, he just found the most comfortable spot, and took a long nap!! I am sure he was a little confused by all the activity, but like everything, he took it in stride, just happy to be with his family.

The first morning in North Carolina was magic!! When KC came over the hill, and saw nothing but rolling green grass and the swimming pond, and realized he was not on a leash was a moment I will never forget. Oh how I wish I had video rolling, his eyes widened and he just started to run. I learned that week that he loves to swim, and he was just so happy. Some people think we are “crazy” bringing 5 dogs on vacation, we feel it’s crazy not to bring them. I am already looking forward to next year’s trip!

I cannot stress enough how easy KC is. It really demonstrates why adopting senior dogs is so rewarding. All the puppy foolishness is over, they are experienced in the world, and approach all things with a certain wisdom. He is such a textbook Golden Retriever, he wants nothing more than to please his people, he is affectionate and obedient. So much so, that I am bringing him to take the test to be called an AKC Canine Good Citizen, I expect him to pass with flying colors. With that certification, we will become a Therapy Dog Team, and he can start spreading his special kind of love all over the county!

I wasn’t planning on adding another dog to my family so soon, but I have never regretted the decision to bring KC into our family. He has helped me become more active, and I look forward to working with him as a therapy dog. He is a dear and treasured friend to our Rottweiler and even grumpy old Ruby is often found lounging next to her golden companion. Our home needed another “gentle giant”, we were so lucky that the stars aligned in January 2015, and brought this sugar frosted senior to our home.


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